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Clery Act

CVCC maintains an active file of reported crimes in the Safety & Security Office on its Main Campus at 2550 US HW 70 SE, Hickory, NC 28602. The file may be viewed by appointment.

The CVCC Campus Safety and Security Office provides this report in order to be in compliance with federal statute 20 U.S.C. ยง 1092(f) The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act or better known as the Clery Act.

This report is prepared in cooperation with the law enforcement agencies in Catawba County and Alexander County. Campus crime, arrest and referral statistics include those reported to the Campus Safety and Security Office and to local law enforcement agencies. Each year, notice regarding the availability of this report is provided to employees, students, prospective employees, and prospective students in the following manner:

To currently enrolled curriculum students by e-mail to their CVCC student e-mail account

To current employees by e-mail to their CVCC e-mail account

To currently enrolled students in non-credit courses by postcard through the U.S. Postal Service except for those non-credit students who are also currently enrolled curriculum students and who are notified by e-mail to their CVCC student e-mail account

To prospective employees during the hiring process

To prospective students when they apply for admission to a curriculum program or when they register for a non-credit course.

The notice includes a brief summary of the report's content, instructions to request a paper copy, and the direct web address (URL) of the report.

CVCC does not withhold, or subsequently remove, a reported crime from its crime statistics based on a decision by a court, coroner, jury, prosecutor, or other similar non-campus official.

Clery Act reporting does not require initiating an investigation or disclosing identifying information about the victim.

Hate crimes are reported by gender identity, ethnicity, and national origin. Ethnicity and national origin are further split into independent categories.

CVCC must withhold as confidential the names and other identifying information of victims when providing timely warnings.

CVCC prohibits retaliation by an institution or an officer, employee, or agent of an institution against any individual for exercising their rights or responsibilities under any provision under the Clery Act.

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